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Harmony Mosaic Shoulder Bag

Harmony Mosaic Shoulder Bag

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  • Design: This handmade crochet shoulder bag is versatile - you can sling it over your shoulder or carry it in your hand. The body and bottom of the bag are meticulously crafted using traditional handiwork techniques. It's got these 14 bold granny squares in different colors, creating a style that's totally unique. Fashionistas, this one's made for you!
  • Capacity: This shoulder bag not only has plenty of room inside, but it also comes with regular canvas material that can easily hold all sorts of small things girls need. It's all about practicality, making life a little easier.
  • DIY Kit: The material package includes all the materials for you to handcraft the tote bag. It provides a unique experience for those who enjoy crochet crafts but don't know where to start. Mastering a new hobby is so simple, and we look forward to seeing your first creation.
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