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FlexiCraft Bag

FlexiCraft Bag

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  • Design: This handmade crochet shoulder bag is versatile - you can sling it diagonally across your body or rock it in your hand. The body of the bag is meticulously crafted using traditional handiwork techniques. It's got these 12 granny squares in punchy colors lined up horizontally, with cool cutouts in between. It's a fresh take on the usual patchwork style, way more lively and dynamic. And check out the bottom and sides! They're hooked in alternating patterns that really pop. Plus, it's got this badass chunky chain (weighing about 120g) with multiple layers of fancy plating, perfectly matching the bag's vibe.
  • Capacity: This handbag easily fits your phone and all those girly essentials you can't leave home without.
  • DIY Kit: The material package includes all the materials for you to handcraft the bag. It provides a unique experience for those who enjoy crochet crafts but don't know where to start. Mastering a new hobby is so simple, and we look forward to seeing your first creation.
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